Alex Jones Interviews Roseanne Barr in Studio

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Roseanne Barr Reveals Her True Self In Face-To-Face Interview With Alex Jones

Extended Report;

From the Liberty Report;

New information coming from Congressional investigations reveals that a group of scientists initially concerned that Covid may have come from a lab-leak were “prompted” by Fauci to refute that theory. They later got millions in grants! Also today: massive UK scandal reveals callous disregard over government lockdown policies. Finally: Homeland Security is running domestic intelligence-gathering operations…just like Ron Paul warned from the beginning.

Cover-Up! Fauci ‘Prompted’ Scientific Report Falsifying Covid Lab-Leak Origins!

From The Alex Jones Show:

Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes joins Owen Shroyer live in studio to discuss his ongoing court proceedings in Texas against Pfizer— a monumental and historic battle.

Attorney Battling Pfizer In Court Over COVID Vaccine Gives Update On The Biggest Trial Against Big Pharma In American History

From Kristi Leigh TV;

Life in prison for Democrat mega donor Alex Murdaugh – convicted of killing his own wife and son. Police are investigating a playground racial incident at an elementary school… how’s that CRT working out? Hershey celebrates womanhood with a man – who identifies as a woman – and is insulting anyone actually born female that would dare disagree. And two doctors are sounding the alarm to protect pregnant women from what they describe as a lethal injection. To support my work: 🌟 GiveSend Go: 🌟 Paypal: 🌟 Follow me! Locals: 🌟 Stop buying products from companies who hate you. Make the switch! 🌟 Preserve your wealth! Get some physical gold and/or silver!

CRT Stirs Up ELEMENTARY School Violence | Kristi Leigh’s Daily Brief

From Flyover Conservatives;

The Fight Against Being Cultural Captives – Robin Bullock | Flyover Clip

Watch FULL Interview:

Is Trump’s Return Guaranteed? – Robin Bullock | Flyover Clip

From Brannon Howse Live;

Kurt Olsen on Kari Lake AZ Supreme Court Case Set For Conference

Next from Bowne Report;

In 1989, the Sinaloa Cartel dug its first drug tunnel between a house in Agua Prieta, Sonora to a warehouse located in Douglas, Arizona. Now, thirty four years later, new evidence reveals that the Mexican drug Cartels have burrowed their way into American Government.

Arizona based Forensic investigator Jacqueline Breger added another layer to the sovereign dismantling corruption narrative after appearing in front of the Arizona Legislature’s Senate Elections Committee and House Municipal Oversight & Elections Committee. Spotlighting testimony from voter disenfranchisement researchers concerning the 2020 and 2022 elections.

Breger claimed that while investigating a nationwide racketeering epidemic involving the Sinaloa Cartel, their team accidentally discovered election fraud.

Breger’s testimony courageously accused state and county officials, including Governor Katie Hobbs and Secretary of State Adrian Fontes, of being parties to a racketeering web involving a Real Estate money laundering operation infiltrating all levels of government in order to trade influence to the Sinaloa Cartel for control over elections and anyone that stood in their way.

The revelations that are just beginning to surface beg the question, how far up the government ladder does this corruption lead? As Merrick Garland’s testimony on fentanyl and the open border provides no solutions or an end in sight. Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas is absolutely purposefully useless. And the most compromised President in U.S. history openly displays cold apathy for the unyielding deaths of Americans due to fentanyl flooding our cities.

What motivates these people with the power to fix everything to not only ignore the crisis but contribute to its growth? UN Agenda 2030? Foreign blackmail? Or in addition to these motives do we now add the infiltration of our unconstrained pauper to millionaire representative Government. Held hostage by drug Cartels with more infinite laundered cash than these look the other way politicians and sycophantic federal bureaucracies can resist?

Contrary to popular belief. The cartels aren’t merely operating from across our non existent border. They are dug in, thriving right here in the United States through corrupt and treasonous local, state, and federal officials. Feeding on the metastasizing malfeasance rampant within our broken Republic.

Arizona Voter Fraud Reveals Our Government Is Far More Corrupt Than We Realize

Next from Next News Network;

Breitbart reports, on the Unmuted with Marsha podcast, Marsha Blackburn and Rosi Orozco discussed how bad human trafficking is on America’s southern border. During the interview, Blackburn spoke with former Mexican lawmaker Orozco about his work to fight human trafficking.

Border Horror! Blackburn & Orozco Sound Alarm, Unite To End Trafficking!

And Now A WORD OF KNOWLEDGE from GOD’s Modern Prophets;




For in this hope we were saved. Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees? But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.

Roman 8: 24-25 (ESV)

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Trump Responds To Joe Biden Starting War With RussiaBIg Tech is Listening to Almost All Your Conversations

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ATTENTION PARENTS: How to Opt Out of Rogue Sex Ed in Schools;

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