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Used Motorhomes: What To Check Before Buying One

If you don't have a budget but want to own a motorhome, a new vehicle can be out of the options. But don't worry as used motorhomes are available for you to choose from. Don't expect though to have the same fresh and brand new conditions of the new vehicles. There may be some signs of wear and defects from one part to another. But the good thing is you can have it at a much cheaper cost. And did you know that you can still get the best deal available, if you know how?

Here are the things you might want to check on before actually paying for that used motorhome:

Registration Papers and Service History

Before anything else, check the papers that contain the registration document properly first. Look at every detail especially the type and the model of the vehicle, and as well as its taxation class. There are many other details you need to pry on but be sure to look first at these two details. Be wary of any motorhome that comes with registration documents containing insufficient, incorrect, and inconsistent details.

Make sure to look at its service history as well. Of course you would be asking the owner of its mileage, but the thing is, you are not sure if their claim is genuine or not. Check its MOT certificates then to confirm.

The Wheel Tread, Chassis, and Exhaust System

Check if there are cracks and splits in the walls and even wear of the wheel tread. If there are uneven wear signs, this is an indication that you must drop this option off. The exhaust system and chassis are essential auto parts that contribute to the performance and agility of the vehicle. Therefore, do a thorough inspection like looking for oil leaks and inspecting the conditions of the electrical cables, water/waste pipes, and hydraulic pipes.

Outside and Inside Condition

Check the sides, end to end, signs of damage and dents, signs of corrosion, sealant gaps, paint over sprays, and the roof with signs of sealant breaks. All these are indication that the vehicle is in poor condition. If you don't want to compromise, walk away from this the motorhome.

Next, check the inside condition. Is there water ingress as you press the ceiling and walls and they come off soft to your touch? Is there another in the corners below the base units and seats? Are the wallboards stained? Don't forget to take note of these things as well, for you might end up paying a severely damaged inner condition of the vehicle.

Windows, Flooring, and Bathroom

Examine the condition of the windows, walk on all floor areas to check, and inspect the bathroom. And while doing so, check all the sealants that come on these areas. These parts can be very expensive to repair so you don't want that to happen after purchasing. The bathroom in particular can be very hard to find a replacement, so do a thorough examination.

And Finally, the Owner's Manual

Ask the current owner of the service or owner's m annual. This is what you need to learn of the manufacturer's maintenance instructions. If the owner did not keep it, it is likely that he did not take care of the vehicle well.

All these details can help you find a used motorhome at a best possible deal. Although used, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have to sacrifice the value and condition just so you can have it cheaper than the brand new ones.


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Used Motorhomes: What To Check Before Buying One Motorhomes resources image
Used Motorhomes: What To Check Before Buying One Motorhomes image

Used Motorhomes: What To Check Before Buying One Motorhomes resources image
Used Motorhomes: What To Check Before Buying One Motorhomes image

Used Motorhomes: What To Check Before Buying One image