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The Motorhome RVs And Their Early Beginnings

How on earth did these recreational or motor homes ever started in the first place? Looking through the history of motor homes such as the recreational vehicles, you will be surprised to find out that they have been there around us ever since the World War I ended. The American soldiers camped out in their vehicles bringing their own tents, beds as well as cooking facilities all jammed in their car.

Various Kinds Of RV Users

The RV lifestyle is about people living while traveling. These include people who are desperately interested in traveling and camping rather than making a home in just one location. While some like traveling as far as going near the equator which can really be very cold, and return during springtime, there are also packs of younger people who like joining this kind of RV lifestyle.

These usually called "grey nomads" take a trip north during the winter aboard their RVs to catch a feel of the warm weather and then head south just in time for spring and summer. These "grey nomads" are usually retired people who just adore living on mobile homes and traveling. That is exactly their reason why they sell their abodes and choose traveling on their motor homes in the first place.

RV fanatics who live in recreational vehicles are known as full-timers and as people living in "Houses on Wheels". While those RV extremists who still maintain dwelling in a house are labeled as RV slabbers or RV Part-timers
and people working at campgrounds and RV parks, better known as the workampers.

During the 1920s

Since 1920s, RVers would usually camp out in their simple houses made of wood built in their very own backyards, which eventually paved the way to creating a home atmosphere on the road. These are now the recreational vehicles that we know and enjoy riding on for our adventures and escapades now!

It was during the 1920s when camping clubs started. This was when the so-called Tin Can Tourists challenged the dusty and muddy road tracks by driving their tin Lizzies and going camping on the roadsides. It was not just a challenging adventure but truly a very enjoyable one what with cooking canned food on a burner and bathing with cold water while on the road.

Come 1930

While during the1930s, recreational vehicles present in the market were made using the aircraft-style for manufacturing. These kinds of RVs offered explorers not only flexibility but also the convenience of lying down in beds, eating comfortable in dinettes, doing all these with the comfort that electricity and water can give. But then again, what impact do all these motor homes or recreational vehicles have on mankind, the environment and on our society?

RVs' Impact On Our Lives

Yes, these motor homes and recreational vehicles have a long-term impact on our lives. They have persistent whiplash effects on our society due to resistance to buy homes and instead settle for these mobile or motor homes. And what effect will it have on our economy if there is fast-rising sales of motor homes and dwindling sales as well as mortgages of homes?

Analyzing the vehicles' potential impacts on the environment can be a very significant aspect when looking at these recreational vehicles or motor homes. And this actually paved the way for discovering the "Green Recreational Vehicles" that are truly environmental-friendly. At present there are recreational vehicle owners who fuel up their motor homes using biodiesel or vegetable oil.

This way, they are able to help protect the environment at he same time fulfilling their own dream of living in a motor home!


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The Motorhome RVs And Their Early Beginnings Motorhomes resources image
The Motorhome RVs And Their Early Beginnings Motorhomes image

The Motorhome RVs And Their Early Beginnings Motorhomes resources image
The Motorhome RVs And Their Early Beginnings Motorhomes image

The Motorhome RVs And Their Early Beginnings image