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Motorhomes: Basic And Common Characteristics

One fine morning, you are driving your best vehicle you have purchased so far. You felt good driving it, and especially loved showing it around wherever you go. You are a traveler, and in those times that you have to drive a long way though, the vehicle does not fit your needs especially when you have to stay out and rent a place. Until one day, you spotted a new, shiny RV, or called the motorhome.

You knew instantly that was what you want and need. It is always on the go, and simply perfect for people on the go like you. But the thing is making a decision that it is what you need to purchase for yourself is the easy part. Selecting and buying the type of motorhome is another. In this case, it is vital to analyze if it is what you actually need, particularly because of the fact that there are different styles and types that motorhomes are available with in the market.

To help you decide, here are some of the most basic characteristics that come with a motorhome:

Electrics, Water, and Temperature Control

There are two water tanks installed in the motorhome. The first one is for fresh water, while the second one is for waste water. The tanks are equipped with connection point which can be externally accessed with hose for refill. About 50 to 500 liters are the capacity available.

There are three sources of electrics: vehicle battery, leisure battery, and mains power. These are installed to supply electricity to all on-board appliances.

The vehicle battery, which is charged an alternator, is for the wipers, cab lights, indicators, headlights and others.

Leisure battery is the second battery used for campervans and for cooker extractor, water pumps, roof vents, toilet pumps, TV, lights and others. The mains power is for recharging both leisure and vehicle batteries.

The gas system is another vital power source. An LPG that either comes with propane or butane cylinders is used in a motorhome. Sizes and types vary from one place to another, so it is a good thing to check how much supply to bring to avoid conflicts against the law.

The Home Comforts

The Kitchen

You will find amenities and appliances most home kitchens come with. Hob, oven, fridge, sink, cooker, food storage, microwave, lockers, and cutler drawer among others can be found inside the motorhome. The kitchen can be L-shaped, transverse, or liner. In modern motorhomes, you will find full, lavish kitchens.


An ideal refrigerator is now found in modern motorhomes. It is powered by mains power when the vehicle is hooked-up; by gas when the vehicle is parked up and unplugged; or by vehicle battery when it is on the move.


Bed can come either in any types of seating convertible, bunk-bed, pull-down or over-cab fixed bed.


Washbasin, shower (often which an extendable faucet from the washbasin is used, toilet (can be fixed waste tank or portable reservoir and installed with flushing mechanism and neutralizing odor chemical) come with the motorhome.


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Motorhomes: Basic And Common Characteristics  Motorhomes resources image
Motorhomes: Basic And Common Characteristics  Motorhomes image

Motorhomes: Basic And Common Characteristics  Motorhomes resources image
Motorhomes: Basic And Common Characteristics  Motorhomes image

Motorhomes: Basic And Common Characteristics  image