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Do-It-Yourself Motorhomes or RVs

Did you know converting your very own vehicles with little cost can be possible with stripping down your old or current vehicles and renovating them to a motor home or recreational vehicle? For so many people, buying a new recreational vehicle is a dream come true because the price tags hat go with each kind of RV is just way too high, high enough to make you fall flat in the face out of disappointment.

Buying A New Recreational Vehicle: Is It Worth It?

Imagine spending around $70,000 to $125,000 for either a purely motor home or a mixture of a small trailer with a truck to do the pulling. Of course, buying a second-hand RV is not a wise thing to do as there are the unknown possibilities of breakdowns which is a No-No for RV travelers. Picture how it will be like to be traveling to an unfamiliar place only for your RV to break down. That would be the most disappointing thing a recreational vehicle can ever do to a traveler.

Also, there is the subject of fuel savings. It will be more economical to do a recreational vehicle yourself where you can dictate what kind of fuel you can use. Like some people who have already started using biodiesel or vegetable oil on their recreational vehicles, not just to save on money or costs on gasoline, but most especially to help protect he environment.

Converting Your Current Vehicle To An RV You Want

If you have an RV Lite or a Sienna vehicle 2006 model, you could easily transform it into an RV of your dreams. Since a Sienna vehicle has three seat rows, simply remove both the middle and back rows which are fastened in their place. Anyway, they can be installed again any time you want. This will already give you a space of around 4 feet and 6 inches wide and another 8 feet long.

Converting Into A Cozy Bedroom

You might as well make use of these first six feet as your cargo area during the daytime and during the nighttime, convert it to a cozy bedroom by moving all your suitcases to the front seats. If you are contemplating on using folding cots or inflatable mattresses, forget it! It would be better to just go for two foam beds that can be easily flipped out. And since the Sienna van includes vent-style windows at the back, you will be assured to sleep comfortably and soundly for the fresh ventilation during night time.

Touching Up On Additional Features

For extra features, you may use solar lanterns as light. These lanterns are known to use D batteries for storing energy and therefore you can always recharge them by simply leaving the batteries in the window during the daytime.

Catching Up On Some Privacy Measures

Make sure that he recreational vehicle you are going to do yourself is privacy-proof from the prying eyes of roaming thieves and strangers. You could always put some glass on it, or better yet why not use the reflective windows that could also function as your mirror on the outside, thereby avoiding anyone to see in.

If you love dogs, surely they will travel with you anywhere you journey. And to avoid heat strokes in your pets, make sure to install some curtains especially on a hot day, which at the same time will function as your cover when sleeping.

See, converting your current vehicle to a motor home is not really difficult after all. So, why not make a Do-It-Yourself RV now!


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Do-It-Yourself Motorhomes or RVs Motorhomes resources image
Do-It-Yourself Motorhomes or RVs Motorhomes image

Do-It-Yourself Motorhomes or RVs Motorhomes resources image
Do-It-Yourself Motorhomes or RVs Motorhomes image

Do-It-Yourself Motorhomes or RVs image