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Motorhome And Its Three Kinds

Motorhomes or recreational vehicles have been a significant part of the lives of so many people who have chosen to reside in a mobile home with four wheels. Either they are being pulled by a car or truck and can go anywhere they are led for another adventure or journey.. Motorhome owners and users have developed the habit, or should I say passion of driving and parking the motorhome or recreational vehicle for a week, two weeks, and one month.

Essentially, there are about three varieties of motorhomes: the bus-type normal body on a truck chassis also known as Class A, the conversion vans which are also known as the Class B vehicles and the normal body on a van or pickup chassis also known as Class C. Now, let us take a deeper look at each kind of motorhome available in the industry.

Bus-type custom body on a truck chassis (Class A)

A motorhome may be classified as Class A motorhome when there is a one-bedroom dwelling on wheels. The bedroom is located at the back and is the only committed space for sleeping. And should you have a visitor or two to stay and sleep for the night, you might as well make use of the dinette or couch that you can find in the living room and convert it to a sleeping bed for the meantime that you have guests sleeping over.

In essence, Class A is the most ideal type of motorhome for couples. It has enormous windows in front with very high seats that you will really have to make the necessary adjustments with your driving. Although one good thing about riding a Class A motorhome is that you can have a great sight of the traffic ahead, not to mention that Class A designs are meant for safety.

Conversion vans (Class B)

If there is one thing good about Class B conversion vans, it is that they can be parked in any place you choose. Its roof is usually put up and often includes miniature shower and toilet. However, the downside seen is that the conversion vans do not have the ability to contain much fresh water which is worrisome especially if you will be traveling in the wilderness for a day or so. Also, if you are inviting some friends to send the night and sleep over, make sure they are not too tall or else they might just be stooping over the whole time. Space is limited with this kind of motorhome; not enough space to keep things. Besides, the twenty gallons of water it can hold cannot last too long.

Custom body on a van or pickup chassis (Class C),

The last kind of motorhome is the traditional medium-sized motorhome is the Class C or pickup chassis. This type of motorhome is obviously with the looks of a van with a body made of fiberglass showing out and which used to be the top cover of the van. This is the type of motorhome that is ideal for families. It includes of a two-bedroom apartment on wheels. One bedroom extends all the way up to the back, with the second all throughout the front.

If there's one bad thing about the Class C motorhome, it is that the windshield is a little small and the view ahead is constrained. And after having learned the features of each type, you could definitely say the best choice is no less than the Class A motorhome!


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Motorhome And Its Three Kinds Motorhomes resources image
Motorhome And Its Three Kinds Motorhomes image

Motorhome And Its Three Kinds Motorhomes resources image
Motorhome And Its Three Kinds Motorhomes image

Motorhome And Its Three Kinds image